Hey there! My name is Jo & I am the owner of Hunny B & Co.

My husband, Jordan & I purchased this sweet business in 2018. At the time Hunny B's was known as Chantilly Boutique. Completely branded to the previous owners & not much about it represented me or my family so in 2021 we finally took a leap of faith and completely rebranded making it our own.

Hunny B is named after my grandmother "Hunny". If you've stepped foot in the doors you're sure to have met my Hunny. Hunny has been my biggest support & listener through this whole experience. Hunny & my granddad, Poppa, are a huge piece that holds my family together and we wanted something to honor that. Poppa & Hunny have always been the perfect example of Proverbs 16:24 "Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul & healthy to the body." & that KINDNESS is something I'm very passionate about at Hunny B & Co.

Then the "B" in Hunny B is for my daughter, Brynleigh Loren! Brynleigh was born in 2020 not long after I bought this business & again, if you've been in the shop at all you're sure to have met her. She's my best friend and my partner in everything I do and seeing her interact and meet each of you has been the biggest blessing. I am currently pregnant with our son who is due November of 2022 & I am so excited for him to meet all of you as well!!

I love to hear from you! Emails, DMs, all the chats truly make our day.

Thank you for being a part of our story.